What’s Anyremote?

We’ll make our Bluetooth phone as a remote control, so we need a Bluetooth equipped phone and PC/Laptop with an installed Bluetooth too (no matter, USB dongle or Internal). Visit Anyremote Home Page and download anyremote, anyremote2html, anyremote-data, anyremote-doc, anyremote-j2me-client and ganyremote (if you use a GNOME system) or kanyremote (if you use KDE system) debian package.

After downloads complete, install them. Open terminal: press Alt+F2, type gnome-terminal and Run.

For example, you put your download to your HOME directory (~),

Type this following command in terminal:

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

I assume that you’ve all dependencies installed and a Bluetooth device works well.

After the all packages installed, launch ganyremote/kanyremote :

$ ganyremote -npybluez

I use GNOME, so I installed ganyremote as GUI. The -npybluez mean that anyremote will run without PyBluez software installed.

Oh yeah, sorry i’m forgot, I use a NOKIA 6600 as a remote, so download and install anyRemote-64b.jar as a client java program that we must installed on it. I recommend pairing this remote device with your server (PC/Laptop). So anyremote can detect and use it well.

Click the ganyremote tray and choose the application that you want control it remotely with your phone.

Open your client application and congratulation!! Now you can control your video/music player or presentation remotely!!

Thx, question and comment are welcome. .