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Everyone should be knowing Winamp, he he he :p. Winamp is my favorite Windows music player, it fast, useful, user friendly and it has a million nice plug-ins. The simple purpose of this tutorial is make my (may your too:p) favorite music player portable, it can bought anytime, anywhere without installation.

But how if we want this Winamp portable come with plugins and a little setting modified??

First, prepare the stuff that we need in this tutorial:

Latest Winamp, yeahh

DFX 8 Plugin for sound FX improvement.

Easy Chords, easy guitar chords generator for musician :p

Now Playing Plugin for Yahoo Messenger, customize your YM status with your Music Fav :p

NB: plugins may reduce or more, depend on your needs. (Built way is same)

And a last one is the “Tools” to make a portable application, we can use Thinstall Virtualization Suite or VMWare-Thinapp. I use a VMWare-Thinapp here, because it’s newer.

The steps:

Download and Install VMWare-Thinapp, (it’s not free, so don’t as a license key to me :p)

Launch VMWare-Thinapp.

Just do everything like in the screenshots:

Press Next and select Advanced Settings

Advanced scan configuration, just select drive c:, so the other changes to the other drive will not scanned.

Press Next and Minimize the VMWare-Thinapp, and do the all “Install”

The “Installation”:

First install Winamp, you may choose custom installation, remember that we’ll make a custom Winamp portable, so customize as many as you can if you want :p

Don’t choose to make some shortcut, filetype registration, etc, because it unneeded.

Install the plug-ins:

DFX 8 for Winamp,

I used my own DFX installer, forget it. . Just install to your Winamp directory.

Easy Chords,

YM 9/8/7 Now Playing,

Then, Launch Winamp and make some tweak and customizing, there are no screenshots, just tweak as your need.

Back to our VMWare-Thinapp, press Next.

Choose winamp.exe as your Primary data container and change the Inventory Name

Customize your “portable settings”, Change your SandBox location as you want.

I recommend, just use Merge isolation mode here

Press Next. Browse your “Source” destination

Press Build Now if you’re ready to build an executable but if need some edit, press Browse Project and customizing (again :D). Then press Finish.

Congratulation, you’re done!!! Now we’ve a Custom Winamp Portable with built-in plug-ins, YEAHH . . :p

Just browse $PROJECTDIR\bin\ and you’ll found your executables. Open it for testing

Thanks for visit my newbie blog, question and comment are welcome….