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Have a dream to running java phone application in your Linux OS? Ya, we can. In this tutorial I’ll explain a little about emulating .jar file on our Linux. The currently method that I use, is “triple emulate”, running java application (phone) through windows (using wine) on Linux.

The Stuffs that We Need:

  • Linux distro installed (I’m use Ubuntu 8.04).

  • Connectivity, if you want to go Online.

  • Wine for running Windows application (.exe) on Linux

  • Sjboy emulator (.exe) for emulating .jar on Windows, and

  • Your .jar application to run within (I’m use yamee.jar)

The Steps:

1. Install wine, open terminal and type:

$ sudo apt-get install wine

after it installed,

$ winecfg

now, the wine directory should be created in ~/.wine

2. Copy your sjboy.exe to “~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32”

3. Now go to your .jar that you want to run (I’m use yamee)

right-click > properties > open with tab

press Add button and type

wine sjboy

on an empty label under ‘Use a custom command”

Press Add and Close properties.

Finally we can running a java application for phone in our Linux with a single click!!!

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