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PyBluez is an extension module that allowing access to system Bluetooth resources.

This software is needed for some purpose i,e anyremote (featured tutorial here) with PyBluez installed we can run ganyremote without – – npybluez options.

Software dependencies:

  • Python 2.3 or later

  • Python-dev package installed

  • Bluez-libs (I’m used bluez-libs-3.36)

In most distro, python 2.x and Python-dev can easily installed via apt-get or yum not like Bluez-libs, that have to compiled manually. Download bluez-libs here

We should installed bluez-libs with a general compilation procedure

$ ./configure

$ make

$ sudo make install

After all dependencies installed, go to downloaded PyBluez directory:

$ tar -xvzf PyBluez-0.15.tar.gz # I’m used 0.15 version of PyBluez

$ cd PyBluez-0.15

$ sudo chmod +x setup.py # to make setup.py executables

$ sudo ./setup.py install

If the software dependencies installed and our bluetooth is worked, the installation should be finished without any further errors.