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(indonesian version)

Today, some user is migrating to a new format of Office 2007 document ( .docx, etc) by Microsoft, Inc. If you’re an OpenOffice.org user, you might be a little “uncomfort” with this. Until I wrote this article, OpenOffice.org (in 2.4 version release) comes with the ability to open it, but not can’t save it in it’s original format.

But, . . don’t worry be happy . .!! There’s an useful package to be installed in our box. Big thanks to the odf-converter-integrator packages creator on the OpenOffice Ninja website. They makes our OpenOffice.org 2.4 become a fully supported Office 2007 even more!! (remember that the Openoffice.org is opensource 😉 and have more supported filetype).

Here is a simple steps. (I’m used Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy i386)

$ wget http://katana.oooninja.com/f/software/odf-converter-integrator_0.2.2_i386.deb

$ sudo apt-get install libgif4 libungif4g

$ sudo dpkg -i

A question, “I have a different OS with OpenOffice.org installed!! what should I do? ”

An answer, “Just go to download home, you’ll be noticed by the number of installer version ( include for OpenOffice.org for Windows 😛 ) download and install your choice”

Thanks and enjoy 🙂