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After waiting for a long time. The brand new Ubuntu 9.04 was released at April 23th 2009. It’s codename ‘Jaunty Jackalope’. I think this release is very impressing, because it have a new linux kernel which have more driver database and more efficient.


From my experience, Ubuntu 9.04 boot process is more faster with Ext4 filesystem support which have some advantages in energy use and performance.


All right, now we’ll install the fast Jackalope to Acer Aspire 4520. Here is some stuff that we need :

  1. Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop i386 LiveCD ISO (download here)
  2. 1 GB or more flash drive, if you prefer use the USB than the burn the CD one
  3. A little patience?? just a little, because the install process is reliable fast
  4. Acer Aspire 4520, :p
  5. a cup of coffee and meal..

USB Flash Install

In this install i’ve use a little difference procedure, yeah I install the jaunty from the USB flash drive, because my ODD was bad :(. If you don’t want to use this procedure, you may skip this steps.


Download the isotostick.sh script here

To make a USB flash drive bootable we’ll “install” our downloaded LiveCD ISO to this. The script run smoothly on a Linux platform of course (I used a Ubuntu Hardy). Place the script in the same directory with the ISO.


Here is the example command to make a Jaunty on USB with this script :

sudo ./isolinux.sh isoname.iso /dev/sdxX

which “isoname.iso” is our downloaded iso name and “sdXx” is our USB flash device.

After a minutes, the live USB are ready to use. Just choose the USB flash as your boot device in BIOS.

The Jaunty Install
Live USB/Live CD comes with same procedure, choose the “Try Ubuntu” and the CD will boot up.

ubuntu usplash preview

Post installation
After boot process, the desktop will ready. Click “Install” and follow the following screenshots :

The installation just simple, but don’t forget to change our keyboard layout to “Choose your own” with USA – International (AltGr dead keys) so our Alt Gr will functional.


kerboard layout

The screenshot is just for the example, I choose a manual partitioning. But the important is we have to have a Ext4 partition with “/” as a mount point and have a swap device. The other device is depend to your needs. If you have a question about partitioning, just ask me. I’ll help you as I can 😉


manual partitioning

Now is the user, boot loader and migrate steps . .just change as you want..and choose restart now to reboot your system and boot the HD to see the change!!

completed installation

After the LiveCD/USB installation finished, the Jaunty is ready to use!!! Sound works!! Webcam works, install cheese to check it, But wait how about the screen?? my screen resoulution is too big!! and the compiz doesn’t work!!


restricted drivers

To enable the nVidia GeForce 7000m Graphic Card, just activate the propietary drivers via :


  • System > Administration > Hardware drivers
  • choose the “version 180”

  • sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180

    We don’t have to install the madwifi driver, because the built-in driver works well, to check this, type `iwconfig` at terminal, then interface will appeared


    Thank you, question or comment are welcome . . .
    Sorry that i’m just a newbie . . I just want to share 🙂