Wonder to have a dreamscene like Vista on your Linux Desktop? Yes, we could. We may use xwinwrap (uses an xgl), it’s able to replace a desktop background with a movie or screensaver. Download here . But, if you just want to have a wet and splashy desktop, you may use xdesktopwaves.
In this article, I’ll explain about usage of xwinwrap only.


To use xwinwrap just install or compile (if we’ve *.tar.gz) don’t forget to install the dependencies such as mplayer to play a video, and you have an xgl and a “good” video driver, xwinwrap can run with compiz well.



xwinwrap [-g] [-ni] [-argb] [-fs] [-s] [-st] [-sp] [-a] [-b] [-nf]
[-fl] [-o OPACITY] -- COMMAND ARG1...

-g geometry

-ni no input

-argb argb, Alpha, Red, Green, Blues

-fs fullscreen view

-s sticky, on all workspaces

-st skip taskbar

-sp skip pager

-a above other application

-b below other application

-nf no focus

-o opacity, available value, between 0 and 1


Example xwinwrap commands line to use a video as our dreamscene:

xwinwrap -ni -o 0.6 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -quiet your_movie

note: You may add -nosound line to run a video without sound.

Example xwinwrap commands line to use a screensaver as our dreamscene:

xwinwrap -ni -argb -fs -s -st -sp -a -nf -- /usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/glmatrix -root -window-id WID

You may change the screensaver, just change the apporiate screensaver to your installed screen saver on your system.


Thanks and good luck to use a Linux Dreamscene 😉