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Transmission logo

Transmission logo



[package name (download page), choose latest]

gettext dependencies :

make sure that your machine have these packages installed


Open terminal an login as root:

pfexec su -


Standard Procedure Installation:

tar -xvzf #for .tar.bz2 use tar -xvjf
cd /
./configure --prefix=/usr/
make install


Download Transmission Source Code

Download transmission at http://www.transmissionbt.com/download.php

select source code version and download the latest version


for example (i’m using wget):

wget http://download.transmissionbt.com/files/transmission-2.42.tar.bz2

and do standard procedure installation for tranmission too..


if something goes wrong, try to workaround with ./configure parameter, for example :

./configure LIBEVENT_LIBS="-L /usr/local/lib -R /usr/local/lib -levent -lrt" PKG_CONFIG=""pkg-config" location"

just see the error from configure script output and use it as our ‘clues’ 🙂


If everything is fine, our transmission binaries will located in “/usr/local/bin

here is my example :

admin@opensolaris:~$ ls /usr/local/bin/

curl intltool-merge pkg-config transmission-edit

curl-config intltool-prepare transmission-cli transmission-remote

event_rpcgen.py intltool-update transmission-create transmission-show

intltool-extract intltoolize transmission-daemon


there are 6 transmission binary :

  1. transmission-cli : transmission client (command line interface)
  2. transmission-create : creating a torrent file
  3. transmission-daemon : headless transmission session that can be controlled via transmission-remote or the web interface
  4. transmission-edit : editing torrent file
  5. transmission-remote : remote/local server started
  6. transmission-show : show torrent


Enabling Web Interface and Remote Access with Authentification:

Edit a transmission-daemon file configuration in :


and edit some parameter such as :

"rpc-authentication-required": true,

“rpc-enabled": true,

"rpc-password": "your_password",

"rpc-username": "your_username",


So the web interface will prompt username and password, if we aim our transmission server for remote access, don’t forget to set up a ‘whitelist’ :

"rpc-whitelist": ",",

"rpc-whitelist-enabled": true,


from above example, our transmission web interface will be allowed to be accessed from:

localhost ( and


To Access Web Interface :

type the “server_ip_address:9091” where server_ip_address is an our ip address of transmission machine and 9091 is a default transmission port.


Transmission Web Auth Prompt

Transmission Web Auth Prompt


Transmission Web Interface

Transmission Web Interface