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Recent days, my OpenSolaris GRUB loader has damaged because of power failure. So GRUB only show GRUB prompt “grub>”.

In my first attempt i tried using “Linux Admin” procedure, type command manually then reinstall grub after gnome boot. But Oops! it (NOT) Works!! Hahaha that was weird

So here is a quick how-to for this situation :

  1. Insert and Boot-up OpenSolaris LiveCD
  2. Logging in as root
    pfexec su -
  3. Import zpool from Harddisk to LiveCD booted OpenSolaris
    zpool import

    don’t forget to remember disk node “cxdysz”

  4. Import rpool (root zpool)
    zpool import -f rpool
  5. Make mount folder
    mkdir /custom
  6. Mount root zpool to “custom” folder
    mount -F zfs rpool/ROOT/opensolaris /custom
    zfs set mountpoint=/custom/rpool rpool
  7. Optional for recovering some file from home folder
    mkdir /custom/export/home
    mount -F zfs rpool/export/home /custom/export/home
  8. To reinstall GRUB, just do the following
    cd /custom/boot/grub
    installgrub stage1 stage2 /dev/rdsk/cxdysz
  9. In my case, “stage1” and “stage2” are missing.
    So I just copied it from LiveCD

    cp /boot/grub/stage* /custom/boot/grub

Hopefully It helps