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Hotot Showcase

Hotot is a opensource Twitter Client has a fancy UI and easy to use. Hotot Need You Help, Please Support Hotot!
More info about Hotot, here


Why Hotot? Hotot is my fave twitter client, the best IMO;

  • Almost with complete feature (even still beta version-0.9.9), built-in map, complete action in reply, retweet etc, url shortener bla bla bla 😀
  • Open Source!! Source Code included, so we could use, debugging and/or modify it
  • Cross-platform, available for Linux, Windows, MacOSX and Chrome (btw i don’t like chrome!)
  • etc

But recently, my twitter account that coming with, always have “Access Token” issue. Such behaviour which appear on first account creation, but it’s not the 1st time.. WAIT! Don’t delete hotot! :’)


Quick Workaround:

  • Make sure the current system date/time is correct
  • Delete the hotot “cache store” in
  • Recreate the account
  • Sign in and cheers :))

    Thx, Hope it helps 🙂