About Me . .

More details Info are coming soon :p

My contacts

  • Email Contact           : abz_aniki@yahoo.co.id
  • Yahoo! Messanger  : abz_aniki
  • DeviantArt                 : abz89.deviantart.com
  • Facebook                    : Abz Latuconsina
  • Twitter                         : _abz89
  • Skype                            : abz-89

9 thoughts on “About Me . .”

  1. izin liat2 boz…..
    tulisannya bagus 😛

  2. silahkan, dengan senang hati 😀
    makasih . . .

  3. klo menurut ogut, bikin dong kapan ente pake linux, kenapa, siapa?

  4. gunwalk said:

    I’m jus curious, what languague are you guys using???

  5. I’m an Indonesian . .
    sorry that my english was bad

    thx u . . for curiousing ’bout me 🙂

  6. armandobeleno said:

    No problem, I bet you’re english is better than mine 😉 . My mother tongue is Spanish. Bye

  7. Hi,

    Why is that by some applications the .exe file from the bin folder works, while by some other applications the .exe file from the
    %ProgramFilesDir% folder?

    Best regards

  8. eh asa kenal ieu penulisna :))
    mbah dul.. blogroll ye mbah sepuh..

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